YouTube Marketing Tools 2018

Quite recently, videos have become exceptionally phenomenal in the marketing strategies of online business owners. As more and more consumers have become interested in visuals, it is imperative to give more effort to video contents to boost your online marketing.

In fact, according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report, There has been a rise in video marketing.

Video marketing has been on an increasing rate
A single VIDEO is worth a million words–mrbriit

Emphatically, businesses who use video as part of their online marketing strategies boom their income by as far as 49% as against non-video users as put across by WordStream.

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There are so many video hosting services out there with which businesses can utilize. We are in the YouTube world, and you cannot afford to forgo the numerous services that YouTube offer for businesses. According to SimilarWeb, YouTube is the second most used site on the internet and the second most used search engine running only behind Google. As of today, Almost 5 billion videos are watched every single day and 23.35 billion visits per month.

So what what am i trying to say?

YouTube is the way to go.

In this article, I have put together 12 most useful YouTube marketing tools that you can leverage for your digital marketing strategy.

Ready?…let’s jump in!!

  1. Answer The Public 

Have you ever tried to put out video content and ended up trapped by coming up with ideas and it feels like you are not thinking right or probably your head is not working? Well, your head is not Google or Bing neither are you a magician. You need some help with ideas of what to video about and that is when you need a good tool like This tool helps in generating tons of thousands of ideas, that makes your research quite simpler and better. You just need to visit their site and put in your keyword and here you go with tons of ideas that will blow your mind. Let’s try “how to fix a broken relationship”.

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2. SEO Chat

In the digital marketing world, one term mostly used is “keyword“. Keyword research is, for the most part, one of the difficulties for online marketers and most often puts them off the road. The research of a keyword for your video marketing is quite simpler than you think if you know the right tool to use. Great tools such as SEO Chat is one of the most efficient tools to include in your digital marketing strategy.

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3.  vidIQ

When it comes to video marketing, tags are an essential part of your organic search and you need a good tool like vidIQ that can help increase your collection of tags by as much as 10 times. vidIQ is a YouTube-certified partner that helps you increase the organic reach of your videos.

You can use their basic version for free or upgrade to the more advanced version starting at $7.50/month for more advanced features.

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4.  BuzzSumo

Another great online marketing tool that you should pay maximum attention to is Buzzsumo. It is an efficient keyword research tool that helps you come up with the most useful and trending topics. If I can stick my neck out for one trending topic research tool, it will definitely be Buzzsumo.


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5. Canva

Images are worth a thousand words and they are an essential part of your online marketing success. Creating a beautiful, convincing image can be quite hectic but with the right tools like Canva, you are good to go, even if you don’t have any designing background at all. The templates in Canva are as easy to use as drag and drop. You only need to create an account using your google account and you have access to the free version or upgrade to have the following features:

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As I mentioned earlier, keyword is one of the most essential parts of your video marketing strategy if only you mean to be in front of your targeted customers. is one of the most useful tools you can find for your video keyword research. This tool gives you an amazing result upon a single input of a keyword. Let’s try it with “video marketing”…

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7.  Hootsuite

As a digital marketer, you probably might have multiple social media accounts. The problem comes, when it comes to managing all of them. Hootsuite makes it easier for us to handle the hectic part. With this tool, you can manage your YouTube account, even with multiple accounts, you can schedule videos and share them on all your social media platforms. It has a plan starting from $19/month.


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8. agora pulse

Audience retention is very paramount for the growth of your YouTube channel. One important way to retain your audience is through interacting with them and real-time interaction counts in this respect more than anything else. With a great tool like agora pulse, you can interact with your YouTube audience in real time without losing any comments. it has a plan starting at $49/month.

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9. BirdSong Analytics

Your video marketing success depends largely on the success or failure of your competitors. It pays to analyze your competitor’s channel in order to beat the competition in your video niche. BirdSong Analytics is a great tool to analyze any YouTube channel for engagement or review SEO elements.

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10. BRAND24

Social mentions are an integral part of your brand growth and it worth paying attention to. Your brand is your image before your customer and the more people talk or mention you, the more search engines give priority to your brand and hence a boost in for your video SEO. Brand24 is a good social media tool that gathers social insights about your brand. It essentially helps you get access to your mentions in real-time and see what people are saying about you.

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11. CoSchedule

Your headline is the hint that triggers your audience in the first place to click your video to watch. Many a time, video makers ignore the importance of headlines to focus on other things which end up suicidal to their video SEO. CoSchedule helps you create compelling headlines using the right combination of keywords to maximize traffic to your youtube content.

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12. GoAnimate

Creating animated videos from scratch is quite hectic and more frustrating, especially for beginners. GoAnimate is a free platform for creating animated videos. It has a plan starting at $39/month, and you can create professional-quality videos. Note that GoAnimate is the new Vyond.


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Video is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. With the growing interest in videos, It is hard time we leveraged every important tool out there at our advantage. The above-mentioned tools if properly utilized can go a very long way to boost our video marketing SEO.


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