Online Marketing Tools You Need When Starting a Business

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Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.

With this in mind, every business out there strain very hard to build their online online presence in order to to reach their potential customers. If you happen to be a big business owner, chances are you are already present on the internet, if you happen to a small business, chances you either on recognised on the internet or putting all efforts together to make your way on the internet. Well either of the cases needs some good and sophisticated resources to succeed in flood on the online business.

The world keeps changing  in every moment of time, gone are the days one can open a shop and hire a shopkeeper to to keep the shop and return sales at the end of the day, in this internet era, 80% of customers research a companies website and attend to reviews on products before either purchasing the product online or attending to the physical location of the company. It has, therefore, become paramount for EVERY BUSINESS, irrespective of your industry, to be sound on the internet where your customers are already waiting for you. 

You might be asking yourself “how does my business win in this competative internet world?” Well, that is  one of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get from businesses especiallly, small businesses. My answer? Digital Marketing Skills, period!! I always say that, if you do not know the right skills and tools to use, it doe’snt matter the amount of time and money you will invest, you will never get your share of the pie!! Many businesses spent tones of millions of dollars trying to boast their online business yet they remain at bottom of the race, why? you may ask, because they do it wrongly. You will only feel the pain if you have ever invested your hard earn money on some damn ads, SEO tricks, or social media and all ended up in a fiasco. It is about knowing the right skills and tools and how to use them to boast your  online business and boom you are there at the top. This is the more reason why made it a priority to research on the best digital marketing tools that can help businesses as well as individuals to grow their online business.

I decided to group them to make it easier for you to search and also  for time saving purposes since time is real money.