One of the most essential parts of your online business which you cannot afford to mismanage is your e-mail marketing.  Right from capturing the data of your potential clients through nurturing them to converting them to customers all depends hugely on the quality of your e-mail marketing campaign. Most of the tools needed to optimize your campaign out there are priced ranging from a couple-few dollars to about $45/month and over. This hinders most online marketers especially newbies from maximizing their online marketing. But where do you get the best free e-mail marketing tools to complete the success of your campaign? Well, today I decided to share with you the best free e-mail marketing tools that will contribute largely to your e-mail marketing campaign.

1. MailChimp

I will say MailChimp is the most popular e-mail marketing tool so far. It has a plan for everyone, from no budget to well-established businesses. MailChimp's 'forever free' plan comes with a package of up to 2,000 contacts storage and allows you to send up to 12,000 e-mails, Multi-User AccountsKnowledge Base and Live Chat and Email Support for 30-days as of the time this post is written. Very reasonable for newly established businesses. The next plan, which is titled as 'Growing Business' is priced at $10 and up and comes with unlimited contact storage, unlimited email per month,  Multi-User AccountsKnowledge Base and Live Chat and Email Support. The biggest plan is the pro which is priced at $199 and in addition to all of the above-mentioned benefits, you get a pro-support.  In addition to the basic benefits listed above, the free plan gives you access to creating and publishing your campaign, automating your marketing, targeting and segmenting, analyzing and testing your campaign which is a very useful feature for every email marketer.


Just like MailChimp, Elastic Email offers you free plan called the 'Basic' plan. Elastic Email's basic plan gives you access to 150,000 emails per month, first 5000 emails free every day, 24/7 free global support, pay as you go for additional emails/add-ons. Very useful for new businesses. 

Elastic Email also has advanced plan which comes with 2,000,000 emails per month at $150/month, additional emails cost 6c/1000. The next plan is the premium which comes with 10,000,000 emails per month at $600/month and additional emails cost 5c/1000. 


Unlike the MailChimp and Elastic email software, Expresspigieon's free option is best recommended for small businesses and individuals who aim at very few email list. Expresspigieon's free offer allows subscribers at 500 and allows for 1,000 emails to be sent per month for free. 

With the paid offer of $19.99, users can send unlimited emails up to 2,500 contacts. At $199.99 per month, you can store up to 100,000 contacts and send unlimited emails to 40,000 subscribers. Again, for very larger lists, you can go for the $999.99 per month tier route which allows storage for up to 250,000 subscribers and sends up to 3.5 million emails per month.


Another good email marketing software with attractive free option is BenchMark. With the entry-level option, it allows small-business marketers to send up to 14,000 emails a month and store 2,000 email contacts. it also gives you access to basic features such as email analytics, email drag-and-drop editor, email drip campaigns and more.

The paid option comes with medium lists, where users can send unlimited emails to 600–1,500 subscribers at $13.99–$27.99 per month. For larger lists, businesses can send between 1.7 million and 2.45 million emails to 125,000–175,000 subscribers at $659.99–$846.99 per month. 


Sparkpost also offers free option but quite different from other free email marketing software listed above, the tool is more of a transactional email software. It is more skewed toward developers and allows users to send up to 15,000 emails per month with features as same as paid users.

The following shows the four-level paid plan of sparkpost; $9 for up to 50,000 emails per month, $49 for up to 150,000 emails per month, $124 for up to 250,000 emails per month and $249 for up to 500,000 emails per month.


Mautic is an open-source email marketing tool. It is completely free and allows users to download it and do everything from email marketing, contact management, and social media marketing. Although it is the least used email marketing tool on the list, with Mautic, there is no contact or email limit. It is a completely free tool.


Verticalreponse is another email marketing tool with a free option, though not ideal for businesses with a large list, Its free plan allows you to send up to 4,000 emails per month and store up to 300 contacts.

The paid option comes with a “Basic” level starting at $11 per month, a “Pro” level starting at $16 per month and a “Pro+” level starting at $196 per month. It has a system as the more you pay the more you get access to features such as live support, heat maps and an expert email strategist for the top tier.



The best utilization of these tools will go a long way to boost your email marketing optimization. I recommend using the free trial of your choice of the tools before moving on to the paid option.