15 Most Sort After Tools For Super Affiliates
If you are an Affiliate Marketer, the success of your business mainly on types of resources you employ. The most question I get asked by Affiliate Marketers is "MrBriit, what are the best tools available for Affiliate Marketers". I decided to address this question by creating a blog post that will constantly update Affiliate Marketers of the most recent and sort after tools. If you are here be rest assured that I get your back. Today, I decided to consider the 15 most sort after tools for Super Affiliate Marketer. Cheers...#mrbriit  
  1.  AmaSuite

For affiliate marketers who make money through Amazon, AmaSuite is the right pivot to revolve around.  The amazing tool analyzes top selling products on Amazon in under 67,000 subcategories which includes US and UK market. It can find, for a single click, reviews, ranking, price, ratings, among other useful factors.   

2. Grammarly

Image result for grammarly Grammarly is a must-have tool for any professional online writer, and as a super affiliate, you cannot afford to miss it. Whatever affiliate program you will be associated with, visitors to your site will read and trust your content only if it is professional enough. As such you will need a second eye that will get your back and Grammarly does just that for you. It is a free extension that you can add to your Chrome browser to add some professionalism to your writings.

3. Copyscape

Image result for copyscape This a plagiarism checker very necessary for any content writer. Your content, irrespective of what it is about has to be ORIGINAL and it imperative to check for its duplication before putting it out there. As Google algorithm favors content which is original, you cannot afford to miss this tool.

4. Canva

Probably the most used site for affiliates and bloggers with or without graphics designing experience. With Canva, you can create graphics for almost every medium ranging from youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google +, logos, in fact almost every design you need can be created with Canva. Won't you take a look?

5. Buzzsumo

Content research is a major hurdle for most content writers, well Buzzsumo made it simple. Buzzsumo is very effective and efficient content research planning tool for your online business. This tool allows you to know which content is most popular, how many shares it has on social media, allows you to connect with influencers within your niche and build a profitable relationship. To save time and have the useful content at the same time, Buzzsumo is a must have tool.

6. OptinMonster

What I like about this tool is that it is able to understand the visitor on your site based on his/her actions and trigger an appropriate call-to-action button. With OptinMonster, you will be able to create high-quality HTML forms which are user-friendly.

7. Instapage

A high-quality landing page is something every affiliate marketer and for that matter any online business deems necessary. As Google considers your landing page even if you are using the paid ad, you cannot afford to underrate it. What do you need then? Instapage, with this wonderful tool, you will be able to create high-quality professional landing pages that can be integrated with WordPress and other popular sites.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most effective keyword searching tool available on the internet for keyword researchers, and as an affiliate marketer, the most useful weapon to carry is keyword planner especially if you intend to run an ad with Adwords. This tool gives you access to tons of relevant keywords that will help you appear in front of your targeted audience. Try it now!

9. OptimizePress 

As an affiliate marketer, you will need to create multiple pages with different functionalities. You, therefore, need a tool that can make you create these pages with ease, be it landing page, product page, pricing page or any other page. OptimizePress helps you all these by just installing this one WordPress plugin.

10. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Another free WordPress plugin that can boost your websites SEO is Yoast SEO plugin. With Yoast, you get access to SEO features such as sitemaps, measure keyword optimization score for your blog posts, fight duplicate content with canonical tags and readability of the post. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to plugins and add a new plugin, then search for Yoast plugin, install and activate to set go.

11. WpCloaker

Generally, users are hesitant in clicking links that looks more like a spam. When you generate your affiliate links, it is likely it is going to look more complicated and spammy. In order to make it more user-friendly, Wpcloaker is your helper to seek. here the user only sees the user-friendly part of the link but when clicked, it will redirect the user to the original affiliate link. Pretty helpful

12. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

If your headlines are catchy, only then will a user engaged with it, otherwise your effort int the game will end up in vain. How then do we get catchy headlines for our users to stay with our content? That is why CoSchedule Headline Analyzer gets involved. This simple but powerful tool helps in analyzing our content headlines in terms of its emotionality, commonality, and how it can impact on the user or customer and assigns a score. It further suggests better words to use which is very helpful. As a super affiliate, one of your major aims is to optimize your website and you cannot afford to miss this useful tool.

13. SEMRush

If you are looking for a complete digital marketing tool, then SEMRush is your answer. All you have to do is to feed in your domain name, then connect your social media, Adwords, Google Analytics and watch it do the magic. This wonderful tool gives you a very technical insight of your SEO, your PPC marketing and social media content all in a matter of seconds. This technical insight helps in taking actionable steps towards your campaign and revising them where necessary.

14. Google Analytics

Google Analytics as the name suggests gives a deep analysis of your websites and provide you with data that is most essential for the optimization of your website. As a super affiliate, it most essential to track all traffic sources to your websites and in order to better optimize it. Google Analytics helps you track all traffic sources, tag campaigns, measure conversions, the performance of each page, and demographics of your audience. Google Analytics is a free tool and it pays for every affiliate marketer as well as online businesses to make very good use of it.


ThirstyAffliliate is one of the best affiliate link management tools any affiliate can find. It is a free WordPress plugin which helps in managing your tons of affiliate links by helping you insert links into posts, cloak links, auto-insert links, and also see how each link is performing on your website. It is a definite must-have plugin for affiliate marketers with access to WordPress plugins.


With thousands of affiliate marketers I have interacted with so far, I can boldly say that the success of every affiliate marketer depends largely on the availability and the know-how of tools one can avail himself/herself to. The above-suggested tools although are the only useful ones out there, but if taken seriously into consideration, your affiliate marketing business is sure to boom. Some of the tools listed here are free while others are paid if you are a beginner, I suggest you start with the free ones and get your feet ground before moving on to buy any tool, after all, you will not require all of the tools at a go. Cheers!..#MrBriit