With an average annual growth rate of 9.32% by 2020 in the USA economy alone, according to Forrester and the most recent Census Bureau data, e-commerce is a sure venture to invest. Knowing that also presupposes that many smart businessmen are venturing into this domain making it quite competitive. To make the best out of this niche, one has to be super efficient in utilizing multi-channels to its best. Multi-site product aggregators, social commerce options, marketplace platforms, price comparison engines, mobile apps are all varied channel-drivers of sales.

Most often it gets quite hectic to  Keep it all in sync, including order fulfillment, branding assets, product information, shipping logistics and inventory management. It is, therefore, imperative to take advantage of the following most important tools.

1.Create a Seamless Omni-Channel Presence

BigCommerce is the most used e-commerce website management tool. It acts as a single hub for all your sales channels, it integrates with Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, POS systems like Square and ShopKeep with which you can also sell in person. It is really a time-saving and easy to use e-commerce tool which can help you manage the backends while it is being managed from the central location. You can again manage sales across all channels with automatic syncing, allowing you to optimize inventory, avoid errors which otherwise could be made.

2. Provide Stellar Multi-Channel Support

One of the most difficulties facing most e-commerce managers is managing customer support and services. Since customers are being connected on multi-channels, it makes it difficult to effectively provide the necessary support needed on each channel. This is when a second hand will be needed to handle all these channels.  Freshdesk makes it easy to manage all your customer support conversations from one place, regardless of which channel the customer chooses to use to initiate a support request.

Including in Freshdesk are email ticketing, a built-in phone channel that saves you from upfront costs and hardware installations associated with a traditional call center, live chat, and a feedback widget that can be installed anywhere your customers are looking for help. It also helps you keep track of your Facebook and Twitter as at when customers are mentioning you there. I will definitely recommend it for any e-commerce marketer.

3. Engage With a Branded Mobile App

Records indicate that mobile users will flood the internet usage by 67% by 2020. It is therefore paramount for any e-commerce marketer to capitalize on this data to make the best of their customers. Mobile App is one undeniable way to present your e-commerce shop in front of your targeted audience. Shopgate is good at helping you make this possible. Shopgate is a mobile app development platform that allows e-commerce companies to create branded mobile apps for customers. Again, Shopgate integrates with 60 leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify,  BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento,  so you can sync it with your existing store with just a few minutes of setup time.

4. Feed the Comparison Shopping Engines

Often times, up to 20% of online traffic comes from search engines such as  Bing, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Shopzilla. Won’t it be wise to include them as part of your marketing strategy? However, to handle all search engine traffic sources is an exhaustive work for most e-commerce managers and that is why it will be engaging to take a look at a helpful software such as GoDataFeed. This amazing tool makes it easier for merchants to market their products on comparison shopping engines. It is also integrated with a built-in analytics to measure conversions, clicks, and revenue across channels.

5. Streamline Asset Management

As an e-commerce marketer, it is likely you are going to deal with huge archives, you, therefore, need a brand management platform that can simplify your digital asset archives. Bynder does just that. Bynder helps you to develop, edit, find and use the latest versions of your content including logos, banners, images and video contents all in one dashboard. 


To be successful e-commerce marketer, the tools you use are your major arsenal against your competitors and you need to leverage the most useful ones to your advantage.


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